Data Viewer List - Incomplete list shown

Hello all,

I have some strange happenings in one of my apps that utilizes both the Data Viewer List and Listviewer.

Until recently both have functioned properly, but now when the screen loads only the first 10 items show. Refreshing using the swipe down method will load a large blank area where the rest of the items should be. So far the only way I can find to show the missing items is to click on the last item (On click: I have a custom pop up that shows more item details).

I have yet to be able to reproduce this in another app as it seems to work fine in the attempted reproductions. This issue just seemed to popup up on this particular app, which is troubling since it is one of my most prized productions and would take several days if not weeks to rebuild from scratch. :grimacing:

Also, I haven’t made any real alterations to the blocks in any time relative to this issue. My question is in short:

Has anyone else observed this behavior recently?

Any suggestions, pointers, ideas are welcome and appreciated!



Hi @DuMonster, I found a similar bug: in my app I first fill a local data source, which is connected to a data viewer list. When displaying the data viewer list (screen2) only the first 10 items show up. Swipe down (=refresh) does nothing. But switching to screen3 and getting back to screen2 with the data viewer list suddenly shows all entries. Strange. I reported it directly to Steven (Thunkable staff), maybe you should talk also to him?


Thanks for the reply @Michael_Rogulla! I tried the screen swap and it stays the same, so far the ONLY way I have found so far to show more than the initial 10 is to click the 10th item (Android). I found that the IOS is not as picky but still holding similar results on both platforms.

When I switch the screen block from “Starts” to “Opens” the list works like normal.


Seems like an odd “fix” @DuMonster?

@Michael_Rogulla if you try displaying the data in a label rather than a data viewer, does it display all the information from the local table?

@domhnallohanlon I agree. I’m going to keep running side test to see if I can reproduce and figure out where or when the issue comes up.

Hi @domhnallohanlon, thnaks for the question,

in my app I inserted some debugging-mechanisms: I log the number of fields from the local data source (both in screen.starts and screen.opens). The values are larger than 10. There is no way to ask for the number of entries in a data viewer list (hint: this could be a new feature). The last thing I did was to change the local data list into a “standard” list viewer, it displayed everything fast and correctly.

BTW: I repeat my wish to enhance the gool old “list viewer” (see github issue #1).

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I have this exact problem and it just started on my prized app as well. It was working fine until last week and now It doesn’t. I’m bummed. Did we find a solution to this ?


Reopening this post - I still have this problem with a data viewer grid. In particular, only 10 rows (20 items) appear. If then I navigate to another screen and then go back I can see that all items appear in the grid (items included in my Airtable). The data viewer grid is included in a bottom tab navigator. Did you manage to get this solved?

@domhnallohanlon I couldn’t find any solutions about it in any of the posts in the community. Could you please provide me with any advices?

Does this need to be fixed, or am I missing something?

Still haven’t heard anything :frowning: I found that if you test the app with the web feature it works fine… but not when you use thunkable live or publish it for real use.

Can’t tell you how big of a problem this is for me. Haven’t been able to use thunkable since.

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similar problem here:

  • on android / installed or live view all 90 items are shown
  • on ios live view too
  • on ios installed however: only 10 items…

any news?

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I’ve herd a whole lot of nothing about this :frowning: Just patiently waiting for thunkable to maybe acknowledge the problem …


Did anyone look into/solve this issue as I have just discovered now that one of my apps is in use that I have the exact same issue.
Randomly only first 10 items show in a list containing over 30 items.
Around 1 in 10 it will show the full list.

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Any Update on this??!!
This badly affects our app.

I can’t speak for @domhnallohanlon but there are a bunch of comments in this topic going back for months and no links to projects that demonstrate the problem.

Can you either share a link to your project or create a simplified version that demonstrates this issue?

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I can’t share the project as it makes heavy use of apis with keys. But I think I can create a simplified version of the problem.

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ok, so here are the actual blocks.
On the screen I have a dataList Viewer. When the screen opens an API is called. What seems odd: on android devices it seems to work as it should: all entries (> 10 ) are shown. On ios most of the time it only shows 10 items. Only when closing the app and retrying the process several times, sometimes it works and more then 10 items are shown.

I have this issue (DataViewerList shows only the first 10 items) for a long time now. I just found a workaround, see the following block: my DataViewerList is positioned in a column, the data is stored in a local data source. The column is set to “visible = false”. When I open the screen I refresh the DataViewerList by a block, then wait some fractions of a second and after that the column is set to “visible = true”:

This works for me. But it is not the way it should, I still call it a bug.


Adding to this strange behavior I recognised that the “pull to refresh” produces a bug. In this example I have a local source which gets populated by an api. Then it is shown. Then when pulling down, some items get lost… No idea why. Also: Why is there no block for controlling the behavior of the pull down? Or some explanation in the docs what happens when the user does this?


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This problem will probably never be solved!


This bug still exists. If your sheet has more than 10 items in it, the data viewer list will only show 10, even if user gestures down. Intermittently it works and shows more items. This bug is on a fundamental behavior and affects any app which uses data.

For me, this happens in iOS Thunkable Live as well as in my iOS published app (‎Thunkable LoginOnly on the App Store) I tried a work around with hide, wait, show, like that of @Michael_Rogulla Michael_Rogulla, but it still doesn’t work.