List-viewer & DVL showing issues with items

Hello there, I hope you are doing good!

When we set the data for a listviewer using blocks
(example: image), we expect it to display every item the list variable has.

But when the screen initializes, the list viewer only shows 10 items (this no. is exact for every run), When an item is clicked in that 10-item listview, it sort of refreshes the list, as after that it shows all the records.

Here’s a representation :

As you can see, at first we can only see 10 items, and after I click on any one of them, the list automatically refreshes, and then I am able to see the rest of the items. I have been experiencing this bug for quite a long time, and it gets very annoying sometimes. I had already reported about a similar issue here before but seems like that topic is lost in the wild…

Do you have any advice/idea on this? Thanks a lot!

Update : Same issue with DVL, at start I can see only 10 items, and after clicking on anyone it refreshes and shows the rest. Exactly the same one…


This is a problem that has existed for a long time. Appears on date viewers as well. How to bypass this problem? I still haven’t found a solution. It will be useful for me if someone shares their experience with this.

Exactly, data viewers are also showing this bug. Also, there’s one more problem I am experiencing with data viewers - when I reload them (manually by dragging down the loader in them), they refresh perfectly, but leave a giant blank space at their end.

I hope they consider this error too :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m experiencing the blank space too. Also, when I try to make a single item of a DVL or data viewer grid invisible, it leaves a blank instead of moving everything closer.

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Just updated the topic, as I experience the same issue I am having with list-viewer (only 10 items show up) with the DVL. I need to click on any one of the DVL’s items to make it show the rest of the items.

@jane can you have a look here? Thanks!

Well we all are facing the same issue, too had faced this issue a few times back and tries to find the solution also, but the fact is to date I have not been able to get a solution, I entered this thread with the intention of getting a solution but again I didn’t get a solution.

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Bug Update:

I would say the bug has been mostly solved. ‘Mostly’ because it still occurs sometimes (suddenly, out of the air), and the list again only shows 10 items, blank space, etc. But I only experience this in 1 or 2 out of 10 tests (on both android and ios).

@jane @domhnallohanlon @goutham Please guide :slight_smile: