I can't see All Data in DATA Viewer List

I used spreadsheet as a data source to create a data viewer list.
There are 32 lines of data in the spread sheet.
If I run the web preview, I can scroll through all 32 lines of data.
However, when I run it on my Android phone with Live test on device, the data only shows up to 10 lines.
Even if I download apk, I can only see up to 10 lines.
What should I doubt?

keep in touch.

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This is a long standing issue.


Thank you for reply.
I tried by Airtable as data source.
but, same thing…
I can see just 10 lines of data on phone…

Nothing to do for me?

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For example:


Try to place refresh block in screen opens or screen starts but after a delay.

So put a delay block for about 1 or 2 seconds then put refresh block.


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Thank you for nice solution.
I tried the block you taught me.
I didn’t work just by placing the block in the start or open, but I did work by placing it in the click of the data viewer list.
However, I hope that such problems will be resolved soon.


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