Data Viewer List containing small images not working

An app I created uses Data Viewer Lists on several screens. Many of these include an image - for example to show a list of users, where the photo and name are displayed. This worked up to a couple of weeks ago, but now every Data Viewer List containing an image on each row, now only shows the image and not the associated data (e.g. name).
Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, what did you do to resolve it?

The first thing I would try is to add a new Data Viewer List (DVL) component and see if that fixes the problem.

If not, you can re-syncing the data source to your project and then dragging out new Data Source / Data Viewer List blocks and see if that works. But ultimately, if you’re just displaying a DVL in a standard way and data is missing, you shouldn’t need to do this step.

Thank you Tatiang.

I originally thought it was something I had done, so I deleted the DVL component and recreated it - but the problem persisted.

To analyse the problem, I created a brand new screen, created a DVL linked to a local data table but had exactly the same problem. I also created labels and images and populated them with the same data that should be appearing in the DVL to ensure that it wasn’t a problem with the data in the local data table. The labels and images worked fine.

Then I changed the DVL type to one that doesn’t use an image and it worked so displaying images was clearly the problem.

I thought that this was isolated to one DVL until I got to another part of the app that uses a DVL with images and discovered that only the images were displaying - not the associated data. This is in a part of the app that I have not touched in about a month (when it was working) so I am not sure what has happened.

Any ideas or suggestions?

It’s unusual for text to not show up in a DVL. There’s really not much to that process… you just map the field to a data source column. That’s it!

Could these issues be related to this problem? Dataviewer list problem with text - #6 by fredyfernando

Can you share a link to the project that has the DVL and local data source? I may be able to spot a problem with the way it’s set up.

I solved the issue by refreshing the DVL when the screen opens. I had incorrectly assumed that the refresh was only required if a change was made to the underlying list while the screen was open. It appears that the DVL maintains some or all of the previous data that was loaded into it, even if you exit from the screen, and from the app. This led to issues such as the one I raised where text wasn’t displaying even through images were, and an issue where every second record in the underlying list was not displaying.

I should point out that the data was being retrieved from a local table on the device. Even though that table was occasionally refreshed on another screen, it didn’t seem to update the DVL. Adding the refresh commend when the screen opens seems to have resolved it.

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Thanks for sharing what you figured out. Yep, a refresh is a good idea when displaying a DVL if the data is going to be changed.