[Solved] Data Viewer List Data Source not updating

I am using the Data Viewer List with a local Data Source created from the List properties.
My problem is that when I create a row in the blocks, the introduced data doesn’t show unless I restart the app.
Also this data does not show in the Data Sources table, it stays blank (although the data must be there if it shows when I restart the app!)

Is this because the component is new and still buggy or there is a way to reload the data without restarting the app?


Hi, @kdokdotmc9! :wave:
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Currently, dynamically updating the Data viewer list is not supported, but we hope it would be possible to do later.

Also, we can now only refresh the Data viewer list manually - i.e. the way we re-load a page in mobile Chrome browser.

Examples for this would include, like

  • After data gets updated from the blocks section, you may display a pop-up alert saying ‘Please re-fresh the list’.
  • So, after message pops-up, the user would re-fresh the list just the way browser gets refreshed.

Here’s a sample gif on how the list needs to be refreshed :

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Thanks very much kartik,
I see how it is done! Unfortunately this solution doesn’t work when the list is empty, I can’t wait for this new components to be fully developed.
Thanks again!

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Hey @kdokdotmc9

You can also add a refresh screen in your app. This will automatically refreshes the Data viewer list.
As described in this tutorial -:

Hey @kartik14
Also good suggestions :+1:


I see, in minute 25, very cool idea. The thing is that the actual insertion of data in my app happens in a different screen than the one with the list and when I go there it doesn’t get updated. But I think that it is because I have my screens inside a Tab Navigator.

Thanks for the idea, maybe I can play around a little to make it work :slight_smile:


Thanks @tobi for recommending the video - it’s helpful (Good job as always, @darren!)

Also thanks to @kdokdotmc9 for accepting my reply as answer.

Good Luck & Happy Thunking! :smiley_cat: :tada:

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I have used the go to another screen approach and the data list is not updating :frowning:

I even made a timer that automatically kicked the user to the refresh screen, then depending on then variable set by going to x page it will navigate back to x page.

I think this function is not working again based on my app testing