What are the ways to refresh data list viewer?

Dear all, I made a list and the only way to refresh it is to “drag down”. That isn’t very practical, do you all know other solutions? But no refresh screen, these don’t work.


Not at the moment @jens12341234, but this has been requested already and we’re hoping to add this in the future.

What sort of app are you trying to build?

I’ve built a working “tasks app”, I followed the tutorial of “Thunkable X Tutorials” and basically he stopped with the fact that if the task is complete it stays in the list or just disappears. I made a bottom navigator with a “To-do TAB” and a “Completed TAB” but if you’re using my app for the first time you will need to create a task and then reopen the app. Cause the refresh screen that he made doesn’t work anymore cause of the bottom TABS. I hope that they find a solution for that.
The other day I tried to make a “Delete button” so if you wanted to delete everything on the completed TAB it deleted basically all rows but I failed, I don’t think it’s possible. Is it possible?

Any guess when that would be implemented?

Pick one of the following:
a) week or two
b) month or two
c) about a year
d) later than that

@colinward, @jens12341234, @domhnallohanlon
Has there been an updated status on the Refresh (auto or manual) for the DataViewer?

I was in the final stages of rolling out my app until I stopped development due to this shortcoming.
The app that I build writes to the GoogleSheet without a glitch, but the DataViewer in my app cannot read the latest updates and read a prior set of data.

Therefore, I either have to wait until this feature is ready, or look for an alternative solution; which mean a separate development path.

I kindly ask to bump up the priority for this essential feature.


Hi @tonyz80, you probably already know now because of my late response but there is a block added to refresh the data list viewer componant.
Sorry for my late reply.


Yes it does UPDATE the actual LIST block, but not the detailed items in the list.


My Data List View (this will refresh when swipe down after updating Google Sheet!)

But when users click eg. “Colorist”, the detailed item ARE NOT UPDATED unless app is TOTALLY CLOSED and restarted.

Any solutions?

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One thought I have is to navigate to the same screen to allow the When Screen Opens block to populate the data list viewer again. Maybe not the most elegant solution but it could potentially work.


Thanks Tatiang, i’ll try to wrap it around my head on how to do that. :slight_smile:

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But that will create a LOOP right? I can’t place a Break Out Loop function anywhere. I also tried to create a “Refresh” screen and that also created a LOOP.

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 5.39.40 PM

You shouldn’t be refreshing right when you open the screen.

It would be more like this:

When screen opens
     Do normal stuff

When button is clicked
     Update data source values
     Navigate to [same screen]

This isn’t something I’ve tested… I just think it could work.

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is not reflected at data list viewer.

any way we can create button refresh and reload to screen it self? i am using airtable as database.

same problem my friends…any new solution some one?