Loading Data Viewer List when screen opens

Hi! I am working on an educational app and I need to put a menu with all the content available. I need the menu to direct you to the screen where the content is, however, since there are a lot of topics i would love to solve this with a data source so i dont have to create an specific screen for each topic. I found a very helpful tutorial showing how to use Data Viewer Grid and when clicking on an item it opens a screen with a label and an image which you can program and link with a data source. Is there a way to do this with a Data Viewer List?2020-11-03 (1) 2020-11-03

Yes, you can do that with a Data Viewer List: Data Viewer List - ✕ Docs.

Thank you! But as I understand that does not open another screen, does it? My problem is that I need to put a long text and a full screen image:( and that option only allows me to show a short text and a small image. Is it something I am doing wrong?

You’re right. Maybe you could explain a little bit more about what you have in mind. You might be able to use a custom data viewer layout depending on what you need.

I think i figured it out! Thank you for helping!

Hi Im struggling to refresh data list viewer so that it returns to data source id when restarting screen