How can I use a data viewer to go to different screens?

Hi I’m relatively new to Thunkable.

I did search on the forums for an answer to my question, but many of the solutions involve a thunkabe link that is expired, so I unfortunatly can’t see the solution.

I need for each item in my data list viewer to go to a different screen. I know it involved the row ID and matching up the row ID to take you to a different screen. However, I am having trouble finding the row ID, and for some reason, Thunkable is showing me that all my rows have the same ID.

I am trying to create a stretches screen that will take you to a screen displaying instructions for each stretch.

Can you show some of the blocks you have now? If I am understanding correctly, you have a list of stretches in a variable list and you want to click on the stretch and have it open that stretch on another screen?

Here is an example of how I would do what I THINK you’re asking using 2 screens. You can even do it on one screen using rows or columns you hide/unhide.


Hope this helps. If not give me a better idea of what you’re looking for and I will try and help.

Thank you for the response!

I apologize, I don’t think I explained myself well. The solution you gave me is to change the text of a label and a picture. I want the data list to navigate to a different screen every time (because I have pre-set screens of stretches). Also, how would this work on a data viewer block (I used a data viewer, and you used a list viewer)?

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Hi, I have tried your approach, but like I said it doesn’t work. I think you are trying to change the labels and pictures for each stretch, but I am trying to get the data viewer to navigate to each pre-made screen.

Thank you for trying though!

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It’s easier with a List Viewer (aka Simple List). With a Data Viewer List, you need to know the row id, as you mentioned.

Here’s a demo of how to do this:

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Thank you very much! That solution worked!

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