[Solved] How can i use the Data List Viewer to navigate to different screens in my app?

I’ve tried searching but couldnt find anything that helped. I want to use the data viewer list “Home_Menu_Data_List” to navigate to the correct screen when the corresponding items is selected but I’m having no luck. Is this possible or would it be better/easier to just have images and labels on the home screen?
Thanks, project linked below.


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See this post

Thanks for the reply. I did see that post but couldn’t get it to work for a Data viewer list. The blocks are different for a list viewer and data list viewer

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The blocks are very very similar. You just have to add the Row ID which is not used in the List Viewer.

Yeah I’ve played around but couldn’t get anything to work. Should i be using the URL blocks or these blocks from the link you posted?
Screenshot 2022-06-21 5.10.22 PM

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See this sample project



Brilliant thank you so much. How come this only work when the subtitle is clicked and not title?

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It should work when clicking anywhere in the row or record not only in the subtitle.

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