I'm not able to store data in data source

I’m not able to store data in data source

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Without more detail you’re unlikely to get a helpful response

I’ve created a screen user details and created a table for the same. When I click add user button. The details are not getting added to table

It’s still not enough information to be able to help you. Did you read the link @jared provided?


I’ve created a screen newemployeeprofile1 to add the employee profile, the data can be seen in screentheteam screen but the values is not getting created in table.


This is because the create row block takes some time to complete. That’s the purpose of the “do” section of that block. Anything in the “do” section will fire after the create row process is completed.

Instead, what you’ve done is tell Thunkable to start creating a row and then immediately change screens. So the create row block doesn’t have time to complete.

is this code correct?


If you are using “Create your own Table”, you will not see the updated table when viewing it from the data sources tab. When you create your own table and you add new entries using Web Preview, the values are stored in the browser and not your project.

Edit: I didn’t notice that you had a navigation block first, but also keep this tip in mind if you are using “Create your own table.”

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Could you please keep only one navigation block and place it inside the create row block, after the “do”?

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hello I’m creating an app where user has to login using their mail id and enter their personal information like( name, gender and dob). the problem here is I’m able to login and enter the information but once i logout and login again the information disappears.

project link: Thunkable

I can’t open your project but two things come to mind:

  1. Are you using the built-in Sign Up & Sign In blocks for Firebase in Thunkable?

  2. What does your Firebase database look like? From what you named your variables, I would expect it to be something like:

…name: “Bob”
…gender: “Non-Binary”
…dob: “9/22/01”

Are you seeing the values you entered saved in your Firebase realtime database when you check your Firebase console?

I’ve created two variable userid and usercred.
i can see the values in firebase.