Problem with creating a row in a table

The block itself works and creates a record in the row, but everything behind it as a task is not executed. No matter where it is placed (after the block or inside it).

link to a test project

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I think this is the issue reported about Data Source originally

You are reporting the same issue again.


checked, works

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in label1, the id of the line will not be displayed, since it will be immediately overlapped by the inscription testOK

This is very strange to me the iOS doesn’t work

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tested on android, directly on the phone

Android 8 - works
iOS - doesn’t work

I tested it on Android 9 and it works from the phone.

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on ios checked through thunkable live? try to download your application and install on ios, and check it like this

Android got a new version of LIve last night that works. iOS Live is one version behind. Presumably we’ll get a working version on iOS Live soon. The Apple App store is slower to roll out releases than Google play. That part is not Team Thunkable’s fault. (That broken code was deployed in the first place however…)

I haven’t tested by building an app yet this morning so see if that’s fixed.

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@hartmailggg03m02 is it ok with you?

I tested 279 Android and the create row works but DeleteAllRows is still not working.

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add in the test project and delete all and for android 5 - 8 works. Tested in a Thunkable Live - 278 and 279

for iOS it makes changes to the table but the commands after it are not executed.

For me using the create row block the row is created but with empty values.

iOS has a problem

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I can confirm that with the new version of iOS everything works fine.