Unable to update value of data sources

Hi all!
I am unable to create a row in my data source.
These are my blocks.

What am I doing wrong?

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You’re maybe creating the row before the delete finishes. Try putting the create block into the “do” area of the previous delete block and/or adding a 1 second wait.


try this approach

… and do refresh data after repeat block, or instead of variable “validare” inside “do” (without using this way variable “validare”)


Data Sources blocks are asynchronous and therefore the creation of the record happens before the deletion is completed. the way designed by @mimostel is the proper way.


None of your sugestions work :frowning:
Think it has to do with this post.

Yup. I think you’re right. Sorry. Hoping Team Thunkable gets it fixed soon, since I know tons of projects use these blocks!

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Yeah i hope so too.
C.C @snowymountain and @jane

The blocks Just started to work for me in web-preview.
I am still not sure if everything works so I’ll keep you all updated.

fascinating. Off to test, in the absence of a statement from team thunkable.

Yep, web preview is now working (super limited testing, just one thing that was broken earlier). Testing a download now…

Update #2. Downloads for iOS are still broken, same symptoms as last night. I’m hoping that if web preview works that they’re on it. (And of course we expect Live to take a day or two, because they have to wait for App/Play store approval to push a new version.)


Same here, on android 10, thunkable version 278.
Web preview is working, Live test is not…

Ah, version 278 just showed up in the Apple app store. Trying that. Nope. Still broken. Of course, 278 might have been submitted to apple before the forums found the bug yesterday.

Everthing seems to work for me in web-preview.
I am building a website so i think it wont cause anymore trouble for me.

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