Data source - 'create new row' doesn't work in a loop

Hello thunkers

‘create new row’ adds one row to a Data Source. That work’s fine. However, to upload multiple data rows from an API into the data source I use a loop containing the ‘create new row’ block.

Much to my surprise only one row gets created. Irregardless, how many times the loop runs.

Is there a work-around?

Many people are expressing problems with the create row block,
I encountered these problems in my experience, in this particular case linked below, I was able to “fix it”, give it a try :arrow_down:

Also, @domhnallohanlon @Domhnall, you problably will want to group all the different posts on the create row topic, included mine I just linked.


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Is it working with date input or something like that i mean without loop?

I don’t think the Create Row block can run in a loop that quickly. I think you might need some delay or you might have to nest the Create Row blocks inside the “do” section (note that this will currently not work because of a known bug. See Create row block not working well from yesterday. Also see the link @maxb posted above.