Asynchronous "create row", cannot create the rows in the new table

Hello, could you please help me with creating the rows in a new table.
I have checked the loop, the values in the list, and the variables too. EVERYTHING works, except for creating the row. (Google Sheet)

Here is my Thunkable link:

  1. Are you able to create a single row without using a loop?
  2. Have you tried adding a Wait block to the loop, either inside the “do” section or after the “create row” block? I would try 0.03 seconds inside the “do” section or 1 second outside of it (just for testing purposes). Does that allow rows to be created?
  3. Is it possible there are invalid characters in any of the cell values that you are using to populate the new rows?
  1. I am not able to create a single row. However, I use the same method with “create row” on another screen, and it works. Screen below
  2. Did not work also
  3. I have checked it.

Do you have suggestions on how to do it? I want to implement filtering on my screen. I have also tried other loops: repeat n times, count loop. I have tried to get the value with the list method (in list x get # index)

Start with #1 and get that working first. You might need to re-sync your data source or you may need to reach out to Thunkable Support for help.

Does the code make sense? I also have tried re sync all data sources

My debugging approach is to get whatever isn’t working fixed first using the simplest method possible. Your blocks look fine except for needing a delay inside the loop. But again, if you can’t create a row in a simple way then it doesn’t make sense to try something more complicated like a loop until you get that working.

What I would do next is to use only text blocks in the Create Row block. Remove all variables and functions. Just have a " " block for each value and fill at least one of them with a value such as “test”. See if that works. Then report back here…

You have two separate blocks of code starting when the screen opens. Combine those and make sure the loop is started after the variables have been set.

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