Saved data on airtable

Hi! I need your help :slight_smile:
In the first image, the data entered in the “Identificare” Screen is saved in the Airtable, in a table called “Identificare” as in the second image.
Can I save data from another Screen, called “TA” in the same row, after previously saved data? (the third image). Thanks for your help.


Yes, you can. You need to save the rowID when you first save the record and then use the rowID to update the record required.

The rowID is in the green block row of the CreateRow block. The green block row is an object and contains a property named _id which is the rowID required to update it.

I used this code to create a record

This is the created record in my table

See that the code is saving the value of the property _id because you need to use it to update the record.
I used this code to update one single cell in the record

This is the result in my table.

Hope this is clear enough.

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Hi. I tried, but i can’t. Can you tell me where is the mistake ?

s2 s3

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Remember that [app variable myRowID] only works when the app is open and you do both create and update without closing the app. When you close the app the value in the variable disappears.

So you cannot create the row and then exit the app and after sometime you open the app and try to update the row. This will not happen.

Yes and without existing the app. When you exit you will not be able to update because the content of the variable has been reset to nothing.

nothing appears in the “Notes” column :frowning:

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Can you check that you have the [initialize app variable myRowID to] is only available in the first screen and not in the second.

The second screen should have the [Button2 Click] blocks

Yes, I have.
Another solution doesn’t exist?

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The initialize should be only in screen1.

If you have initialize in screen2 for same variable the solution will not work.

Can you provide copy of blocks screen of screen1 or screen2?

It might be easier to see them directly.

Sorry, in the previous message I meant that I have the initialization only in screen 1.

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If you can send me a link to your project I would be able to see the problem immediately.

Be sure in the Airtable component to enter both the API Key and the Base ID. Enter the table name of the table in Airtable. Your coding screens are OK but I cannot check direct on your table but I checked your project on my table in my Airtable account and it worked.


I have requested access to your table through Airtable so I can see if there are any differences.

When you see the request in your email, just approve so I can see the table and check if there is an issue.

Check your table
It is updating with me
I added a button in screen 1 to go to screen 2 so I can press the update button

This is a link to your project with the changes

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Thank a lot of your help!

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I tried to save the data in the Airtable in the column called “Notes”, but it is not saved. Where is the mistake? Can someone help me?


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i dont understand what you need

do you want to update the record in the column “Notes”

or you want to create a row and add user id and note ??

any way this will help you to create a row and update it

I want to have 2 screens. Data from the first screen should be saved in the first column and data from screen 2 should be saved in the second column in the same row

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in the first screen create the block number 1
and in the second screen create the block number 2
like this