Issue in Airtable making row

I’m using airtable. I have two screens 1) QnA 2)images page. When you tap on screen one “save” button it saves perfectly but when I do save in screen 2 (image screen) the links of image are added into new row instead of continuing from screen 1 row. What can I do? Secondly I tried something different.instead of saving in screen 1 and screen 2 separately I tried having one button in screen 2 so it saves everything in a row so I made variable for every question. For example. “Stored variable name” and then I did when “screen 1 opens set variable name to” “from name input get text” so I did this with every question and when I tried the Thunkable app crashes it wouldnt open screen 1 instead it would go to back to Thunkable logo then open screen 1 for few milli seconds then go to Thunkable logo. I explained my issue in great detail hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

As detailed as your explanation is, I think that it would be very helpful if you could create a new simple project that demonstrated the problem that you are having and post a copy/share link to it.