Airtable giving errors

I’m using airtable and I have one column called ‘Row number ‘ this column is linked to another table called “row number 2” previously when I would recall the row number the row number would show up for example 1,2,3… but from last 5 days when I recall it gives some random codes like Rhijsad etc etc and since airtable doesn’t recognise this my airtable is not saving or recalling data. But when I change text type from “link record” to “single text line” and then when I recall row number it shows number 1,2… which is exactly what I want I can not unlink record because I have a lot of functions that work when record is linked please help I sent 5 messages to thinkable support and I have never seen such bad support never ! And after waiting 2-3 days for replies and not getting one I came to community. Please help me

Hi, @jxbclothes69gc7! :wave:

I think that Thunkable X’s Airtable Component only takes Single line text.

If you want to link records, you can do the other way - when you store data in Table1, save it in Table2 as well.

Thanks! :blush:

Like I said it worked before perfectly it has been working fine for months. So yes Thunkable can read airtable link record. Is there anyone else you can solve my issue?

Ummm, If it was working very well till today, I can’t say anything :confused:

Sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to open source JSON data and see what the values ​​are stored in the linked fields.

If previously worked, and now is not, then it may be due to updating Thunkable X.

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I don’t know how to do that

Sample on scrAirTable (click button JSON). When you select from the list at the bottom of the screen will display a field from the second linked table.

If I share my project link with you personally can you check it out as to why it’s happening I’m getting 0 support from Thunkable support and I’m a PRO User their pro email support doesn’t replies back I feel so caged in this situation

You can share with me. In a personal message let me access keys AirTable so I could see everything.

Can you make a simple demo project of recalling and saving airtable date which has been linked and screenshot me in private or here because due to security reasons I can not give you keys to airtable

Or can you raise this issue to support team on my behalf and tell them to fix it and make it work how it was previously working

  1. I gave you a link to my screen example AirTable. Run it without Remix and check if the connection works from the second table?

  2. You can make a remix of my example and see how to make the connection between the tables