How to insert first record in the first row in Airtable?

Hi everyone. Why every time when I store the first data in Airtable it will start record the data in row number 4 instead of in the first row?

Below is how I program the blocks.


Make sure that the Table 4 is not a linked page if it is, it is possible that entries are being linked back to that page. You can troubleshoot by manually adding values and see how it goes.

Thanks for your thought. I’m sorry, I don’t really get what u mean by manually adding values. However, I’ve tried to create a new simple example using a new base, but somehow to no avail. The data is still recorded the first entry at row 4.

I did watch a video from Thunkable on how to use Airtable. Then, I noticed the example of adding data into Airtable start at row 2, which is not in the first row as well.

What I mean is that Airtable can be a little confusing some time. I had a similar problem when I had linked a field trying to perform a Vlook up and when I was done, I cleared the linked field (or I though I did ) and on every addition on the other side I would have it double on the linked table, that’s why I suggest trying to add an input on the table itself directly (which is what I mean by manually) and see if the same will occur or better still try using a new table all together.

did anyone find a solution for adding the row in numeral order as in starting with row 1???