[SOLVED] Add a row into Airtable give no result

Cant get this to work…
Tried with both API Key / Base ID as well as PAT / Base ID
Nothing happens
Any ideas…? Should work should it not…?

hello @stefansladdeneng1, the reason might be that the variables u use are null at that time, please try to recheck
If not, then can u please send link of your app

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Yes, make sure any stored variables are checked for null value when the screen opens and if so, set them to an initial value such as 0 or an empty string (“”).

Hello @stefansladdeneng1 ,
Both variables should be initialized as text not a number based on the type you have on Airtable, if you want one of the fields to be a number you should update the type on the Airtable field

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Hahah - I Though that the “A” meant “Alphanumeric”
Changed to “# numbers” and it worked clockwise.
Another thing is that you have to test it via the Thunkable Live app and not via Web View on computer


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