I can't connect airtable after delete copied airtable from copied screen

Yesterday I run my application regularly ,now I copied screen (also airtable copied) .I delete copied airtable make my application can’t connect to airtable again. Even though I deleted all airtable and put the neqw one into my app and also put API and Base. When I use getallrow block and check if not error and for all in row , row and error not permitted as picture below.

Its not the case here, for error shown, but:
When you copy/insert screens from/to another projects, you need to make some clean after in destination app, even if you think that you imported the same things.

In your case, that “if error” should be put inside, next to “then do”
And “value” block its from calling a source, and cant be used here.
You call rows, and use “value” :thinking:


I copied screen in the same app, but in the screen contain airtable1,airtable2,airtable3 .And they all run normally. After copied screen ,the project contain more 6 airtable1 . I decide to delete 6 airtable1. The code didn’t change anything ,but the error occurs like this.

The green error block has the warning symbol because you are using it outside of the call Airtable's GetAllRows block. You can only use green blocks inside of their container blocks.

To fix this, move your if block inside of the call block. It’s also really important to do that because the 'then do section makes it so that those blocks run after the call block. The way you have it now, the call block runs and immediately (before it can finish the call), the if block runs.


Ok.Thank you .I’ll try.