AirTable Refuses to Connect

Hi, I am creating an app that takes user input and puts it into a Gantt chart. I am using Thunkable for this, however, when I run the code to display the Gantt chart, the screen shows: “ refused to connect.” I have attached the code blocks and the screen that is displayed.

In the code for the URL, I am using the private link for that specific view.
Let me know if you know how to fix this issue.

Hi there,

It looks like you don’t need the Airtable Get All Rows block here, since you’re not doing anything with its outputs.

If you view this project on a device, can you see your Airtable page in the Web Viewer?


it can be showed on Thunkable live app, even it show this too
Screenshot 2021-08-13 092345

@super-coder there’s a message when web previewing that not all sites can be previewed in your browser.

Have you tried using Thunkable Live? This will allow you to see your sites