Airtable Isn't Showing Data or Its Giving an ERROR

So I am trying to connect my airtable bases to my app. I have 2 different bases on 2 screens that I need to connect. When I try to connect my base (HomePage), I am getting a blank screen on my preview and on my preview on my phone.

When I try and connect the base (contest1) I keep getting an error : GraphQL error: Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of undefined
so I figured I will delete it and solve one problem at a time.

Please look at my screenshots, I don’t know how to get my data to come through on my previews.

You need a row ID. Where it says “row id” you have to actually put a block there. Without it, you’ll just get errors.

Typically, you’d use the green “row” block for that but since you’re getting AllRows, you’d have to first take a list item # from the green “rows” block and then do the data viewer blocks using that list item/row.

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THANK YOU !!! Would you have an examples I can look at per my understanding?

I haven’t used Airtable in a long time but @Darren’s tutorials are always really helpful. Take a look at this one: