Unable to get the data from airtable on my thunkable (It shows undefined)

I am trying to make a quiz by linking airtable with it which was working fine the previous week. However not working now. It shows undefined for all the columns I linked.
The following is the code.


Please help me out.

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In this block…

…what happens if you replace app variable questionnumber with the number 1 (blue math block) and display both the error and the value blocks in labels? What are the two values you then see?


I tried and still got the same (Screenshot attached)

Is the value of the green error block “undefined” or something else?


I would double-check your APIKey and BaseID. I just tested the GetCell block with my Airtable database and it worked fine.

I checked thrice and it still shows the same error. It was working fine the day I created but started showing this message after a week.

If you want to send me the API key and Base ID in a private message, I can test this further. But I can understand if you don’t want to share those.

You could also ask Thunkable staff for support with this.

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Usually, when using cloud data, that depends on external factors as internet connection, i use variable to validate success of operation to prevent this kind of errors. Maybe is not the case here, but you can try too.


That looks good but you also need some way to know when the variable has changed value. Something like a set label's text to block right after the repeat while block.

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I think, by looking at the blocks, they are OK.
He is setting the wait variable to True (Please wait) just prior to calling the Data GET block and after the block he is waiting as long as wait variable is still True which means (Please wait). Once the Data GET block is done it will change the wait variable to False which means (No need to wait)

This is how I read it. I could be wrong.