Airtable not really working

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Whenever I try to get data, or set cells in airtable through thunkable, it just doesn’t work.
The API and Base IDS are correct, and I am able to view the table by clicking the airtable invisible component.

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  • Make sure you’re not using personal account tokens instead of API keys.
  • Set Label3’s text to “error|value”. This makes sure you’re not returning the error instead of the value, as I’m not sure if “error” returns true/false. I think it’s if(error == null) {}?
  • As a control setup, copy your airtable base URL while selecting a record. Your URL should end with “recAJLK7IF1L6iA1t/fldCp7ef3NnBlaCta?copyLinkToCellOrRecordOrigin=gridView” (As an example.) recAJLK7IF1L6iA1t/fldCp7ef3NnBlaCta is the record URL. Use this as a row ID, then fetch and then return it when Button1 is clicked. If it returns nothing, it’s an authentication issue.
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Please, check the store if there is any Thunkable Live app update. You need to update to get everything works.

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