AirTable Data Source unable to access?

So I’m attempting to hook up AirTable to Thunkable as a database and trying to get data from a spreadsheet on AirTable, but everything just returns “undefined” when I try to get any value whatsoever. In the “Data Sources” image, I can see that all the values are there, but I am unable to change or get any value in the actual code.

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It’s not really clear what you’re trying to do with that code.

Let’s keep it really simple. Can you get a value from Airtable at all using the Get Value block? Can you update a value using the Update Value block? Try using just a label in a when screen starts block or another very simple set up.

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The image you shared does not show any interaction with Airtable apart from getting the number of rows.

Do you get the correct number of rows in the label? If you do then this is all what you are doing with these blocks.

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