Save in web api method

Hi All,

how to save in airtable from list i got from web api technique?

this is the structure so you can understand what i am working on it.

i have 2 column number and status. when button register is click, relevant info from column number will display at list view.

all those block working well except when i try to save nothing happen.


i know the block suppose to be more details or complex but it does not work yet.

web api block

save button block


In the object rows there is a field named _ID. This field contains the rowNum required by the Update block for Airtable.

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something like this? not work also

can you try putting a text block and inside right 1

i did that at first block still not work.

can i share my project so you can have look for it?

tab name “Rest Api”

Again, your problem is with app variable jadi which should contain the unique row identifier of the Airtable table.

Can you show what is in that variable?

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first of all it is asking a number not a object

can you open what i share and suggest me what to do?

appreciated you help on this.

i mean instead of object you need to specify the row number that you have to update

if specify number is not efficient because row keep increase for example block below it able to saved but it save to row no1 even though in list view i click on row no3. hope you understand what i mean.


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first of all the code you showed just not it works?

yes from button register to list view it working well.

from list view to text and update button not right i believed my block is in correct. you remix it if necessary.


now what you want?

when i click on list view it will display at text and able to save/update it.

then save the index and update the index simple

how ? show me to the block.

make a variable index when any item click set index to the picked list item index and then update rowNum and set rowNum to variable index

i dont understand this. pls show in block if you got time.