Web Api response to be stored in Airtable


Wanted to add all food item into the airtable one after another as how its displayed in List viewer.

List Viewer snapshot:

but its storing into airtable as per below snapshot:

sharing the block snapshot as well

Kindly assist.


Why are you trying to store a whole list into the Airtable column?

In every iteration of for each item loop you will be storing the content of the list and therefore you will see it growing with every record.

Instead store only this part in the Airtable

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Yes Muneer. It worked.

sharing the airtable screenshot too:

Now, one more thing. When the screen opens the existing information in the airtable should be deleted .
Sharing the block snapshot.

Its not correct… Kindly assist.

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Try this:

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Thank you .

I tried this way…

Sharing the blocks… Its deleting but not all at one go. Example 20 entries are there then its deleting 10 and then have to livetest then deleting the remaining one.

Why its not deleting all the records at one go?

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It seems you are using 2 connection methods for the same Airtable.

You have to choose one and stick to it.

I did not understand Muneer.

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How are you connecting your app to Airtable?

Are you using Data Source or using the Airtable component?

Each method has different ways of dealing with data and should not be mixed.

Airtable component

Here is the corrected block snapshot

Found the cause of not deleting all entries. Increment was put above to for loop, now changed and also understood what you meant as connection. I replaced the Data Source to Airtable delete row.

Thank you so much for bringing clarity and guidance as always. Much Appreciated!

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