How to delete a single row from airtable

I have searched in the community for a long time, but none of those solutions work, because my application does not have those complicated practices, I want a very simple method, who can provide me the easiest way to directly delete the airtable My current situation of the entire row of data

Have you tried this:


You can use it with Airtable only when you access it through Data Source drawer in the coding Blocks in the new UI (moving invisible components to block screen)

Thanks for your help, but what if I just want to delete the entire row of the specified item when I click to view it in the list?

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To delete a row you can use:

However, if you want to delete the content of a specific field in a row then you should use the [Update] method

image How to get this block, I just tried to get it from the custom process repeatedly, but without success

Thank you very much for your guidance, I am trying now

Sorry i still can’t achieve

The block shows that you are deleting the row and then try to update.

Update method only works for existing rows.

I advise you to add control for the green [error] so that you see that the row is actually deleted or an error prevented it to be deleted and then use the [Creat] to add a new row with the data you want. Note that the creat des not require a rowID.

Until Thunkable adds the ability to delete where x = y and z = a, I am relying on using the AirTable API directly. More advanced, but works!


Have you checked this out? Although not explained there is a demonstration of several airtable techniques here.

This is a more data intensive approach and less reliable if the DB is being frequently accessed than the example from @darren, I’d imagine though.

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Can you guide me which blocks you want to check. You have Chinese names and variable and I am not sure what to check. :grin:

Thank you very much, I have removed the irrelevant blocks and folded them up, and the remaining blocks for your help are expanded in the middle. What I have to do now is when I click button 7, it will delete the airtable server and The data on the mobile phone, the data is the selected item clicked from the list view2, I hope you can understand this explanation, you only need to help me to effectively delete the selected item, thank you for your help, thank you, really thank you youThe block to help is on the middle screen

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@kentleow1496li9s72, hello again.
I looked at your code but cannot see how you select the row you want to delete. Nothing in button7 that form a selection criteria.

Another issue I found is in the initialization of the Web API. You have in the [Headers] double colon “::” in both [Authentication] and [Content-Type]. You need to remove one colon “:”

Appreciate if you can explain your criteria of selecting the record to be deleted so I can explain further or modify the blocks for you.

I will be busy for the rest of the day and will work on it tomorrow or you might get a help from another member. :grin:

Because I deleted all the messy error code blocks, I just want to make it easy for you to help me directly start from 0, haha, what I want to delete is the data displayed on the listview of airtable2. The table name is to delete the entire row. Untitled base

Do you understand what I’m talking about? Just you can build it in your way, as long as you can delete the data.

If I understand you correctly, the data viewer list will have two fields (ref, pdf).

When the user select one of the rows in the list, you want to delete it from the Airtable. Is this correct?

Yes, but if possible, I hope to include other items such as phone, fee, and subtotal to be deleted at the same time. Do you think it is feasible? Because, I am building an application for receiving order processing, and I am worried about deleting only ref and pdf and if the other parts are not deleted, there will be a blank part. If the latter submits a new order, I am afraid that the recipient will not see the new data

The most efficient (not easiest) way to do this would be to use the API offered by airtable

This is the easier less efficient way:

Here is a great example of working with airtable API the more efficient way

I tried it, but I don’t understand the api at all, plus the row to be deleted I have to get its id, but if I want to get the id, I have to build it from scratch according to its tutorial, so there are many things I did before All have to be changed, you now understand why I don’t need api?