Wouldn't these blocks delete rows?

Wouldn’t these blocks remove rows from first my local table (myItemsList) then my Airtable (AT_Food4Two_List)?

Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 12.43.03

Is there something I am misunderstanding?

The item will get removed from the Local list (myItemsList), but Airtable are unefetcted…

I use something similar for Adding items, and that works fine!:
Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 12.51.25

The idea is to be able to work locally to speed up the workflow and gain the experience for the user. So everything I do in the app is being updated to my local list but also my Airtable database in the background, which is syncing with the local list every time Screen1 starts.

But when delete items it will only be deleted for the local list but Airtable won’t get effected.
Thanks for any ideas!

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I have also tried this method: But it’s the same thing here…
The local item/row are being deleted, but not in Airtable.
Screenshot 2021-04-20 at 13.08.46


No. This will not work.

hehe… Indeed!

I was hoping it would be as easy as to ADD an item, but obviously not. You wouldn’t happen to have any tips here?

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I know exactly what is going on.

You are taking the “row id” green block from a DVL which is connected to a specific table and these “row id” are for this table. Row IDs are unique and will not be duplicated and therefore the “row id” that works with your local table should not work with another table whether local or Airtable.

Therefore, you are trying to delete a non-existing row in Airtable.

Happy Thunking!

Thanks, I understand, but I did not in the last example. I took the app variable containing all the items as the rowObject. (As I understood this from an Thunkable tutorial, there is something underlying with this method that actually sees which row I am at, but maybe I have misunderstood.) ?

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I do understand now that this other method wont work either as I am “picking” the item from the DVL. So, if I am right with the underlying mystery from that tutorial I would need to go from my ListViewer I guess.

So, I am starting to thinking, maybe I need to “get the rowNr” for that Item. Is there anyone with any ideas how to do that? I need to get the rowNr for that item in Airtable by select and swipe on my DVL.

I am thinking something like this:? But if close then something is missing as it wont do it for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for any help!

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You need to change your strategy.
First, your local table should contain 2 columns (“items” and “AT_rowId” for Airtable row id)

Second, you don’t need all the list variable you are creating.

Once you perform GetAllRows from Airtable table delete all rows from your local table and then start your loop through the rows matching the User ID with selected User ID and when found add it to the local table with the “items” and “_id”.

Your DVL will show only the items column and when you select or swipe then first read the content of the row in your local table and save the AT_rowId in a variable then delete the row in the local table and thereafter delete the row in Airtable table using the AT_rowId you saved in your variable.

This will work.

Happy Thunking!

Hi Thanks Muneer. As you can see I am new to this thinking, that’s why so many questions. But I learn on the way and love doing so!

regarding all these variable-lists. Those are actually made from a Thunkable tutorial, I wouldn’t come up with all that “advanced” stuff my own

Thanks for the tips! I will actually reconstruct my App today and have this in mind, let’s see how that works!


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Try this one to help you get what you want


I am trying my best :slightly_smiling_face:

May I ask, with “_id”, do you mean “AT_rowId” from this line:
“First, your local table should contain 2 columns (“items” and “AT_rowId” for Airtable row id)”

Or is that a column/property from your Airtable-sheet (that I can’t see)?

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“_id” is a hidden column in Airtable that stores the row id which can be used to retrieve/update/delete that specific row.

Great, thanks. That was my thought as well :blush:

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