Search data from Airtable - the come back

I read some posts about searching rows but it’s very incredible that is not possible find a row by a key (and not row number).
For example if I have a users table where the key is the email … why I have to read all rows, store them in a variable and then parse to find the right row?
Moreover it is also not performing this way.

You can do this with airtables api

I have requested this as a feature on github. Maybe you can add to that post

yes I have succeeded with Airtable API “filterByFormula” … I confirm this block missing in Thunkable.

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hey @Andrea_Marchisio @jared can anyone of you guys share tips for that?
im trying to do that with
but can’t get any difference yet.
i set url from the encoder by airtable. i didnt miss authentication header.
i used “API POST” block but did i wrong?

have you success with save or delete data in airtable using api?