Get particular row information via particular text from airtable column


I am trying to display row information of particular text in column . Ex: Column Named Skills has Garden Cleaning, Dusting, Fan Cleaning, Balcony Cleaning and so on…

I want the row details of Dusting alone. If I have 2 entries for Dusting means then I should see only those 2 row details getting displayed in the listviewer.

Sharing the blocks:

Also sharing the airtable snapshot:

Your input is highly appreciable…

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You can use the Airtable API to filterByFormula and return only results where Skills=“Dusting”.


The code you shared should not work. The green column block is actually a list. You will need to loop through this list and when you see the word “Dusting” then take the row number and use the RetRow block to view other info.

You used the list block contain which should return True or False which is not a row number.

Again, your are getting the row to read the value of column “Skills” which you already have from previous call of GetColumn block so why the extra steps.

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If you do want to try using the API, I’m currently trying to set up filtering and multi-sorting of Airtable data. It seems to be working pretty well. Here, I’m filtering by a specific value in the Homeroom column and then sorting by Last Name then First Name in ascending (“asc”) order:

Note that the Authorization field has the string "Bearer " with a space at the end.


It’s very Interesting. Thank you for highlighting this feature. It worked too but not all.

Row creation is a cake walk.
But displaying the row as per the condition is right but not right because I guess some correction to be done in the coding.
Sharing the blocks.

sharing airtable snapshot:

output as per the below screenshots:

What is missing in the code to display only Dusting row info?

Will try Muneer and update whether its a success or not.

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Your filterByFormula field is correct. But the “records” property is a list of records. It’s not a list of text strings which is what the List Viewer’s text items requires. Once you get the records lists, you have to then parse it for specific properties such as Name, Age, etc.

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Try this demo project

It will help you to see the same issue resolved but from another angle.

Ok… I tried it.

Sharing my output:

Also my blocks

Wanted to know why just one entry is appearing? also how I can make listviewer to display as one whole text.

Kindly assist.

The List Viewer expects a list not a single string. The variable app variable Name is not a list.

For extracting data from the Airtable, let me explain with an example.

I have this table

I want to show all the User IDs in a list using API, this is how you do it.
You already know how to get the rows using the API so I will show you how to extract records from the Response green block.
These are variables that I use in my code. One is a list and another to hold the response of the API.

This is a sample output


There you go… Got it now. Thank you so much for your detailed explanations along with the sample data with blocks.

Sharing my corrected blocks.

Output as it displays as per the filter condition Dusting

Thank you so much.

I am trying the other one which you shared .

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Both would work but the other one requires that you connect to Airtable using the Data Sources method not the one you currently using (Airtable component).

The other one is where I am little stuck.

Know how to retrieve all data from Airtable.

Sharing the output:


As mentioned above I want only the particular text in the column. Ex: Dusting in Skills column.

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When using the DVL (Data Viewer List), you do not need to created any blocks to display table content.

First add a DVL component to your screen and then in the DVL properties, choose which table to connect to and in the table which columns to show. With DVL you can show multiple columns not only a single column.

Filtering comes as second step not the first.

Yes you are right. I realized later after spending some time in designing, sharing the designs. But I really want to adjust as per my designs that’s when I faced these challenges.

Do you know you can have the menu you just shared a dynamic one by using DVG (Data Viewer Grid). Just to expand your views further.

Yes , I know that too … Will customize.

With this designs the AirtableAPI really worked.

Thank you so much for your guidance as always. Much appreciated!

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Now, what I am trying to get is … After listing the Skills as per the conditions i.e Skills = Dusting then list the number of entries related to Dusting in the listviewer.

After selecting the items in the Listviewer, I have to see the all the details of that selection.

Example: Dusting has 2 entries D1 & D2 after listing (AirtableApi via filterbyFormula) those in listviewer then I select D1, I would like to see the correct entries related to D1 like Phone Number & Age.

Seek your assistance.

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hi, is it possible to select records on airtable, using filterbyformula, by searching part of a column, for example a word from a description column?

Yes. There are several examples of that in this topic if you scroll up.