How to get whole row with the help of first column of that row from Air table

I just want to know how to get data from Airtable If we fill the data of 1st column? On the basis of 1st column I want to get whole row.
So how to get it?
Please help me @jared

So call the 1st column and get the values of that column and store it in a global_var in as a list.
Row1,Row2, Row3 … ,Rown
Now to call the value of Row1 simply use the get row block of airtable compoennt and set row no to the index of Row1 from the column list { In this case the index-no is 1 }

~Ct tricks

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What @cttricks said, you

get the values of column 1.
Store values in a list “_savedColumn”
Search list for first occurrence of email or some other unique identifier, usually a row id or key value. (This is how you find the row number)
get that row
Save in a var “_savedRow”
(Then for example to extract info from that row)
From label1 set text to (get property {columnName} of object {_savedRow})

You’d follow this basic idea for each property you want to extract

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How to filter data of airtable and display on screen

See my example app I have shared you already. These blocks are in that example

I’m not good at explaning things :joy:
Thanks @jared for elaborating