Store entire row from airtable in app var, then get cell info from there. Is this possible?

There may be a topic for this already, but I have searched and I cannot find it!

I am pulling a lot of data from a specific row in airtable (this row number can change depending on what the user selects)

To save my app doing 10 requests or so for each different cell in that row, can I simply call a get entire row then pick each specific piece of data from that row which is now locally saved in a variable or something? It is just text, no photos. It would speed my entire app up.

Many thanks

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Hi there, @eoinparkinson!

Try this :


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Bare with me while I try this out. Thank you very much.

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See also:

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Thanks @domhnallohanlon and @kartik_old!

I don’t usually use Airtable, I have to start somewhere though!

Kartik this solution works brilliant, thank you very much.


Hi Kartik,

I have tried exactly block as per provided but i got ‘undefined’ at label.

here it is my block.

Hi @ozel1978!

You should probably be setting the text of your label inside the then do part of your GetRow block. This way you know that your app raw variable will definitely have received a value from the spreadsheet.




It worked. thank you so much