Listview and Spreadsheet for Search and Item Click - Airtable

When i click list view item not going next colum’s row from Airtable (I have 3 columns)

When i was a writing text not seeing our listview (search textinput)

Sorry, but I did not understand what you are doing. Can you tell us more about what you need to do? Do you have AirTable and you need to find something in it or get the value of some field?

I have Airtable. I need to find something in it and get the value of some field.
This blocks have two mission. Firstly i want to search name’s colon after than user click searched value go to notes column and click again info column. (same row you know)
For example: When i writing “ew” listview will see Name’s colon row number 7 after than i will click that item > notes column row 7 seeing “ttt” > i click again this ttt value seeing info column row 7 that “rrr”

I correctly understood what needs to be done like this: on the screen you have one input field and one empty ListViewer. In the input field you enter “ew” and one item should appear in the ListViewer - “ewrwer”. After that, you click “ecrwer” and one list “ttt” should appear in the ListViewer. After that you press “ttt” and in the ListViewer should appear one element “rrr”?

One solution:

  1. First you load the entire AirTable to the list
  2. After that, in the loop for this list, search for the desired row - it will be an object with all the necessary fields. You have an object, which means that you can get any value of any of its fields, which can then be displayed in the ListViewer.
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I don’t know how can do that for Blocks?

I added when stars seein listview.
But i click listview not going on.
When i was search after than click thats ok.

may i know that u solve this/…coz i want to learn this type of block

i solved but it is little complicated. You can create number column and add numbers into this column.
Your mark will be this number.
This solution is working hard i have no idea basic solution.

Owhh…so if i got 300 column…i need 300 block right?

I think that you yourself can answer this question. If the database has 300,000 columns, do you need to create 300,000 blocks?