How to ask Great Questions

Here are a few things to consider before you create a new topic in the forum.

Before you Ask

  • Do a search of the forum to see if your question has already been asked.
  • Check the Thunkable Documentation to see if there’s an example you can use.
  • Have you watched the beginner tutorial videos on YouTube?
  • Make sure you have a really descriptive topic title for your post.

Creating A Helpful Topic Title

Avoid using titles like, “my app is broken” or “HELP ME!!1!”, instead try to briefly describe the problem you are trying to solve. i.e.
“How do I change the background color of Screen1?”

Asking Your Question

Take your time when writing your question - remember, the only person who know’s what you’re trying to do is you - be as clear as you can when describing what the issue is.

If you see any error messages be sure to include them.

Try to include as much relevant information as possible. If you can, include your aia file, by following these two steps:

And, if it’s appropriate, include some [screenshots] (How to Add Screenshots to your Questions)

It is also useful to know any constraints that you have i.e. must use a certain component, can not rely on web connection etc. It is also helpful to state whether you have any programming experience.

After you have received an answer

Most of the members of this community are volunteers, who like helping others and do so in their own free time. If someone else in the forum has taken the time to offer advice, you can express your gratitude by clicking the like button or @mentioning them in a reply.

If you have solved the problem you originally came with then please let the community know how you did it and what the cause was.