iOS App Publishing does not work

Hey guys.

I published my android app (a simple web viewer app) on saturday to the google play store. It was very easy and it is online now.

Yesterday I buyed the membership for the apple developer programm and I have done the steps 1 to 1 like in the documentation of thunkable. I created a webviewer app for iOS and tried to publish it.

The problem is now, that the publishing doesnt works. I dont see the app on the app store/iTunes connect Testflight and I didnt get any emails. I am very sure that I did everything right. I have no 2 step login and also no active certificate.

I think the publishing has failed or there are some bugs. Maybe some one can help me via skype or whatsapp? I would be very happy.


@ThunkableTeam: You have created something big. Just fix those bugs and it will be the best app development area on the internet.


I agree that the Thunkable dev environment is good. But I had to drop it for iOS. The 12 hour turnaround to find out that publishing wouldn’t work was just too much. I rented a Mac in the Cloud and I’m using XCode. It integrates with the app store more smoothly.

If you ever iron this out I’ll come back.

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I even dont understand why we dont get an answer…
I mean they can tell us that it dont works and thats it. This is an answer too.

But not to know if it works or if it dont works is very sad…

I have to add that I buyed the apple developer membership only with the trust that this publishing via thunkable works.

@Panoshoot since you are a relatively new member on this community I would suggest you to read these 2 posts to familiarize with how things are being done in here…

with respect to your issue I already replied to your PMs what would I do if I was in your place :wink:
Best regards.

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Hello. I already looked into the guidelines.

I still dont have a solution for my problem…

Please can someone help me?.. If it is necessary, I will pay something for it.


Dear friends i have the same problem, and nobody seems to have a solution. Have you managed to publish it ??? I’m just like you and do not know what to do, maybe leave it thunkable since it does not work

I followed these instructions and have an app in the testflight (apples beta test mode)

If you have further problems, feel free to ask your questions, concerning this issue, in this thread


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Thanks but i have the same problem, I followed the instruction but impossible, can you help me? sen information etc???

of course I want to help you. please post a screenshot of the last step, you made following the publishing instructions (you might want to cut sensitive information before showing it)

…and please stop posting the same issue under multiple threads - its really hard to run after your posts :grinning:

Is very simple
1º first I create the app named: infanciaapp with my apple ID :

2º Create the app in itunes store:

This is my app fron thunkable:
I dont have two certficates, or provisional inactives profiles or Two-factor authentication.

thx for sharing your information with the community :grinning: :+1:

first thing, that comes to my mind is: why is your app ID: ?
Because, I have the emailadress: and my app in thunkable is called: cherryapp
and so my app ID is: com.greenteam.cherryapp

Or let me say this in other words: I assume from your app ID, that your email adress is

Or yet another thing to mention: the “com.” in the beginning of the app ID has nothing to do with the domain ending .com

Please anybody correct me, if this is nonsense!


My email is and my users is because I signed with my gmail account; a Thunkable créate the badle maybe is incorrect

if you have made your thunkable account after the 20th of february 2018, I would guess, your app ID is com.falitos.infanciaapp :thinking:

EDIT on 07.04.2018: App ID is (there was a announcement update I missed)

I’m sure you know this site:

In the very beginning, on apples developer enviroment, you will have to “create a Bundle ID (similar to a package name in Android)” - as it says in the docs.

You could try to set the Bundle ID to com.falitos.infanciaapp

Dont work , continues without appearing in testflight.

Actually I have to correct my post about the Bundle name: It seems that the @thunkable has changed the logic of the name giving. if the emailadress is, and app name is testapp, then the automatic bundle app ID is

Perhaps developers like @Mark or @albert can help at this point, because I am not uptodate in this topic. (and even does not understand, why every app from thunkable has by default “gmail” in its bundle name)… :hushed:
… actually I assume this is because of make renaming possible, which was an issue a few month ago.

@Rafael_Fernandez_Cas Please tell us:
1.: Did Downloading the App for iOS and installing on a test device work?
2.: In your screenshot the textbox for the Team ID is not filled - why?
3.: I would recommend to remove the icon picture for a while, as this may cause trouble…and by the way a JPG is very unusual. Your should prefer a PNG image. But in the first step just try without icon image!
“192 x 192 px (minimum); square (equal width and height) and ideally .png (vs. jpg)”

thanks in advance!

Yes, the App for iOS and their installing on my iphone working, if you want I can send you a copy by email

My Tem ID is . I deleted it in the picture (sensitive information),

Apple explain than you can use jpg or png but the measure they must be the ones they tell you

thx for these informations, you can edit your last post and delete the Team ID again, so this sensitive information is no more public.

Let’s wait for other community members or @thunkable developers for further support.

I cannot help any further, because I have only limited understanding of the whole publishing process, but I think you have done a great job to make the problem understandable and other users, facing the same problem will be gratious for your sharing.

good luck,

Thanks, if you want I can send you my credential foi ios an gmail and have a look, I have no problem

@Rafael_Fernandez_Cas Sorry to hear abut your difficulties. Apple’s app publishing process is fairly complicated. I am not an expert on it, though, so I will invite @albert and @mike, into the conversation.

@User81 Yes, the reason for including the ‘gmail’ in there for the default bundle id is to help ensure uniqueness. So, for example, and will have different bundle ids.


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