iOS Publishing Issue (SOLVED)

[Solved] Update: I asked the great Thunkable team to look into the backend and see if they could determine any errors that I could not see or understand. Wei and Mark, Thunkable staff and wizards, helped me do just that and now I am receiving emails from iTunes and my app shows up in iTunes Connect. Yay!! :sob:

:pray: THANK YOU to all the community members that provided me help! Y’all Are Amazing too!

Hello my fellow developers,

I am creating this form to list out all the steps I personally have taken to publish my very simple app on iOS

This app has a single web-viewer that mirrors my website. App works flawlessly when I download it, and i get an email and I download the app onto my phone, works just fine.

But i cannot get my app to iTunes Connect.

First: I created my app on thunkable. My app is called “YouthToday”
Second: I have a yearly membership with Apple ($99/yr), so I created an app id for my app.
Bundle ID i created was “org.youthtoday.youthtoday” . ( is our website. )
Third: I went to iTunes connect and created an app on there called “YouthToday”
Fourth: I selected the “org.youthtoday.youthtoday” as the bundle ID.
Fifth: I came back to Thunkable and in the Team ID I entered my ID that I saw on the App ID when I made it.
In the App name I put “YouthToday”
In the App Bundle ID I put “org.youthtoday.youthtoday”
I placed an image 192x192 with no transparent colors.
Sixth: the only difference I have seen from thunkable documentation and my thunkable panel is that it does not give me the option to set the appropriate Build and Version Number.
Seventh: I click on publish to App Store. and Enter in my info very carefully.

and then i wait… and wait… but no email or app in my iTunes Connect.

I know others have had success with publishing their app, and so there must be something I am doing incorrect, (hopefully).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Images are displayed below:







i am facing the same problem

i finished my app week ago but still not able to publish it

i hope the creator of thunkable to help us with publishing our ios apps



Have you tried uploading your app icon as an asset as well as in the icon field as shown below,


This may be causing an error?

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I was wondering that but I assumed that since I was uploading it in the icon section I wouldn’t have to worry about adding it to the assets. But hey, I just gave it a go!

Thank you so much Jacob111 for the suggestion, If you or anyone else in the Thunkable community have any other advice or suggestion I would really appreciate it!


I really do not want to give up on iOS.

NO SOLUTION YET :neutral_face::expressionless::frowning_face:

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Hey AbedoApps,

Every Monday and Wednesday morning I literarily go to the Publish-documentation and re read and go thru the steps. Then I go to Troubleshooting-publishing-iOS to see if I can figure out some sort of error that could be causing my app to not go thru to iTunes Connect. :persevere:


I’m going to list some potential steps towards solution, apologies if you have already tried these options,

  • When. in your iTunes Developer account ensure you don’t have anymore than one provisioning certificate in your iTunes Connect account - Thunkable automatically creates one during the process and Apple doesn’t allow a user to have anymore than 2 (See below)

  • Make sure your iTunes 2-factor verification is turned off before you click “Publish to Appstore” - during the publishing stage Thunkable requires access and the 2 factor verification blocks this - you may see a Las Vegas address appear on your phone during this step?

  • You shouldn’t worry about build or version number. I saw the same thing in the documentation but it looks like Thunkable have removed that and are just doing it automatically.

From what you have said, there looks to be no errors from your Apple developer side. Just make sure you have filled out all three sections of the application in the iTunes connect account - including screenshots etc. The only thing you won’t be able to put in is the “build” which will become available in the “TestFlight” section of your iTunes Connect account after the above process,

Hopefully you have some success!

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Thank you, Jacob111, for the possible solutions and Insight Very helpful :pray:
I was able to ask Wei for help me and his magic worked!

so are you able to now publish your app on Apple App Store?

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Hey Brainwork,

Its not live yet, still have to do some internal testing.
And Apple will then review our app and hopefully it will be up on App Store soon!

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What was your fix? I am attempting to upload a revision and cannot get it to uoload, Thanks!