iOS is not sending me an email when publish

Hi Thunkable Community,

So I have created an iOS app that mirrors my website,

I wanted to to publish it on the App Store. Live test was perfect.

SO when try to publish and followed the rules here

“When your app has been successfully uploaded, you will receive an email from iTunes Connect. It will also appear under the Testflight tab in your iTunes Connect dashboard. Testflight is a tool from Apple that allows you to test your app before it is submitted for release in the App Store. You can use the tool to share your app with others.”

I don’t receive that email from iTunes Connect.

Please help! what am I doing wrong.

Thank you!!

Is your app published on the iTunes store? If so, I think there is no problem if you didn’t get an email.

Thank you ILoveThunkable for the quick response!

I don’t believe so!
Because i have not uploaded a build yet.

The image below is of my iTunes connect console.
There is no build for my app.

This is my first iOS app.

Hmm, interesting. Are you sure you are giving right credentials for your iTunes Connect?

Hi -

We are having a problem with the build server. We are in the process of fixing it.


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This should be fixed! Let me know if you are still having a problem.

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I have a simple web viewer app which works on Live Test and as Downloaded app. I can however not publish it. I always get the mail “Oops! Your app did not build” I have no blocks at all and I also tripple checked my App Properties and credentials. I am lost, any suggestions on where to look next?

Hey Amrita,

Thank you for help!

Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble publishing the build from Thunkable to the iTunes connect flightTest section.

I have checked my info and followed guidelines, no luck no far.

I’m still having trouble publishing my app, TestFlight on iTunes Connect does not receive the build…


P.S. thank you and your team for the great work!!

Hi there. Have you checked the common issues below? They are a bit tricky!

Albert @ Thunkable

Two-factor authentication. You must turn off 2 factor authentication for your Apple Developer ID to publish with Thunkable

Certificates. If you have an existing Apple Developer Program account with 2 iOS certificates, you’ll have to revoke one. Apple only allows developers to have 2 iOS certificates at a time and Thunkable creates one when it publishes to your account.

Provisioning profile. After you revoke your certificate, it is possible that one or more of your provisioning profiles will become inactive. To publish successfully, you’ll also need to delete any inactive provisioning profiles.

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Thank you for your response. I have looked at my certificates and i have not yet created on. This app that I am publishing will be my first ever APP, and I have not used Xcode with this Apple ID. So I do not have any certificates. How does thunkable make a certificate? Will i do it manually or does it happen automatically.

I also do not have 2 factor authentication on for this Apple ID.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:
If I could just get iTunes Connect to accept my build!
I must be missing something …


Hi there. Apologies for the confusion. Just to double check, have you signed up for an Apple Developer Program membership ($99 / year)? Also, can you double check your login credentials?

If both are correct, then we may have to deep dive into your account to see if something weird is going on esp since you said you could download the app to your phone.


Have the same problem

Did not get a email and the app is still not online @ the app store.

same problem and same conditions like CSJ.APP

please help me fast.

(PS: Android Publishing was perfect and fast.)

Have the same problem. Has anyone managed to publish something in IOs?. I have done everything that is indicated and there is no way. Please can anybody help me?


I am still having that issue… I have not been able to upload an of my iOS app that i have made in thunkable.


Thank you.

Do you have my same problem?? I am talking in:

iOS App Publishing does not work

Hi there,

One additional thing that may cause errors is if you have any transparency in your app icon.

Our full list of known errors for publish is here and we are working on getting better error messaging to you soon.


Thanks but no transparence

Hey Rafael_Fernandez_Cas,

Any luck getting your iOS app on to itunes connect?