Good Practises @ Community 🙂

Hello Thunkers! :tada:

How’s it going on?

Today, I would like to cast a few good practises for the Community :smile:

1. Give a welcome message to all the Newcomers

When u reply to someone the first time, click on his profile pic and a card will appear, when u can find the joined on date.

If it’s like one month or before, it’s a good thing to just write -

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

2. Attach blocks screenshots / project link while giving answer…

If u try to give some sort of answer / solution / idea to somebody in need, try attaching some blocks screenshots refering your answer. - this will give some more help and understandings to the man who asked.

3. Share some Love :heart:

4.Follow Community Guidelines

It’s a good thing to follow the #communityguidelines to keep everything going good.
No offence, a & no disrespect.

Last but not the least, #keepThunking! :wink:

Please feel free to edit this post if anyone finds some errors or more GoodPractises. :smile:

Thanks! :smile:

Happy Thunking! :tada: