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Hello, everyone, reading me!
This topic is very important for new Thunkers. When I first came to this community, there wasn’t too many people around & only like 10 people who were Power Thunkers. As of now, Thunkable & it’s community started growing quickly. Before community was just perfect. Perfect questions and answers, not oversized community & just amazing place for me to come every single day. But till the day, when Thunkable started growing, I am starting to be away from the community. I started feeling that Thunkable is not anymore like it was before. Before Thunkable growth, I didn’t have anything older than 12h topic in my “Latest” category, but now, I am starting to be not so active anymore as well, I answer to people less. Why? Everyone are starting to be so “childish” (sorry, if said anything bad). Now, community is full people who spam topics with unrelated posts, start creating 30 times answered topics & surely, send private messages, sponsoring their apps. No one is caring about Community Guidelines, no one is caring about Power Thunkers (people who are trying to help). I remember there was like a few categories (Announcements, SuccessfullyTHUNK’ed, CommunityGuidelines, Discuss, iOSBeta, IWant, Bugs, BestPractices, AdMob, Misc, OpenSource, Extensions and VideoTutorials). Now there is tons of categories, a lot of people (including me) are not interested in iOS, but we still need to see those posts. Thunkable has changed. @admins please take a look at our current community, please work on Android as much you do on iOS & please give people a taste of what Community Guidelines mean! We know you work hard on iOS, we do!
Sincerely, Power Thunker & Extension Developer Ben.


Ben I agree that duplication of posts ,people asking about the topics already available on community,promoting apps and more are irritating.
But , it doesn’t mean that thunkable should stop people to enter the community. The community is meant to help , learn and share new things.The aim of blockly or thunkable is to help all the people who don’t know coding to learn coding with blocks and enlight a hope for them(including me). In the mean time a professional power thunker like you may feel childish about these people but, who knows they may develop an extraordinary app in future. Thunkable team has maintained patience to handle people who know nothing about programming, promoted thunkable as open for non developers (also) and this is the reason why it is developing.
My humble request for all the community members please,
1.Search for the topic before creating a new one .
2.Dont run behind money and create nonsense apps ,have patience,work hard and create apps which are amazing.You are capable of doing this :muscle:t2:
3.Dont create duplicate post ( promoting your apps) just for the sake of gaining some attention.
4.If you have created a new app please do share it but, instead of writing its success rate on play store, write something interesting from developer point of view that your app includes because it helps fellow thunkers to gain inspiration.The successfully thunked section is meant to gain inspiration from developer point of view and it is not to promote your app
5.Read thunkable docs there is lot of information available there.Moreover, also go through various tutorials available at
6.Read the community guidelines.
Ben I respect you as a power thunker and extension developer,you have better knowledge and you may know programming but, most of us just know blockly so please don’t create posts that may lead to restriction on us .


I was thinking about two different communities. One for Android and one for IOS


I agree with @Eenjeen, but the point of my topic was not that I want to stop users joining on community, but I want a few things:

  1. Community 1 for iOS, 1 for Android
  2. Users stop askin questions that already asked, send lots of messages Check my app! There is a lot of good resources, PuraVidaApps by @Taifun, Thunkable Docs & surely already answered questions!
  3. That community would read Community Guidelines!

Community Guidelines are now pinned globally as a banner. I agree with your points and people need to read them before posting.


Thank you.

Yeap or either a radio button or a check box that allows thunkers to choose to see only Android related post or iOS related post.

The frequency at which people post repeated topics whitout searching is very bad and I agree with @ILoveThunkable. There should be a means of evaluating topics and accepting or rejecting them to decrease this redundancies .

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