IOS - Submitting to Airtable Spreadsheet [SOLVED]

Hi All,

I am trying to submit data from IOS thunkable live app into my Airtable spreadsheet using the new spreadsheet component. But no data is submitting to my spreadsheet.

I have triple checked the api key, base id, table name and view name, I have shown blocks below - anybody come across this issue?


Sorry that you are having trouble.

Do other Spreadsheet operations work on that spreadsheet? Also, could you try outputting the error block to a Label or something so that you can see if you’re getting any errors from the CreateRow block? If you are, could you post that error here?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mark,

I have tried applying the error to a label - but the label doesn’t change - it’s as if nothing is happening when triggered. I also tried getting data back from the spreadsheet and it doesn’t work either.

Any ideas?


Hi Mark,

I (iOS 11.2) also can not display the data from the Airtable spreadsheet in the List View, as shown in the documentation - blank screen.


It appears that the problem your having with the Airtable spreadsheet is that the field names in your rowObject don’t exactly match the names of the fields/columns in your spreadsheet. If you rename those fields to exactly match the ones in the spreadsheet, you should see some results.

I’m not sure why we aren’t properly returning an error in this situation. I’ve created a bug report for that.


Hi Mark,

I changed the field names to reflect in Airtable - and still no result could you please check the working here?


Hi Jacob,
Did you ever solve this problem? My daughter is using the same code with an Airtable spreadsheet. She wants to use two spreadsheets. The first worked fine using the code you show. The second will not work using the exact same code. She double checked all of her IDs and all of her column names and they all matched. she is super frustrated and does not know what to do.

Hi dbmiranda,

A few suggestions - I have got it to work now but I’m not sure which suggestion contributed to it.

  • make sure the field names in the create object blocks (shown above) are the exact same as the column headers in your air table.

  • make sure you are using the latest version of the thunkable live app. If you’re not try updating the app, if you are try deleting and reinstalling the app.

  • try also making sure table names from one airtable sheet is different from the other. I know the base id changes but you never know.

By all accounts, like you said, the blocks above should work but I think there may be a bug in the connection from thunkable app to airtable.

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