Spreadsheet To get cell data : problem with blocks that crash the app

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do a little app to help my Wow guild and i have a little problem with getting info in a spreadsheet table.

To explain better my problem heer’s my table :

Then my “blocks” to get the value of the cell higlighted with the blue circle in the database ==> blocks

My problem is that my label only show “undefined” but my phone is connected to 4G+ …

I have read other people solution and it’s everytime a trouble with internet but my connection is perfect (I already tested it). Someone have an idea ?

Thanks and have a great day all :slight_smile:

Have you already entered you API key and Base Id?

See how to do this in this tutorial:

EDIT : i was just stupid ==> Wrong table name i used the database name (it was much clearer in your video than in Thunkable official documentation ) !

Thanks a lot :wink: