Programmed Instruction App? spin on the multiple choice app

I would like to create a multiple choice quiz. easy right? there are templates already which i understand how to use. My question is this. how do i direct the user to a screen for them to read between questions.

so. i want them to read a passage and answer a question about the passage. if they get the answer wrong, they go back to the passage. if they get it right, they move on to the next passage. they would always move in a specific order.

like passage 1. question 1
pasage 1. question 2.
passage 2. question 3

i dont undersatnd how to correlate the current passage with the current question and answer combo. can anyone help?

Where are your passages stored? If they are in html files, then it just a matter of naming them passage1.html, passage2.html, etc.

When someone answers correctly at question #N, then you increment N by 1, and have the web viewer be associated with the url=passageN.html, building the url from the required text components.