[Solved] Open my current app in Thunkable Live

I am able to open other of my previous apps but the one I’m working on today is not opening. The project in the live app is all blank. it does not show any code at all.
However I was able to open it on the app and on website two days ago. It doesn’t work all of a sudden only on the live app. The website functions quite normal and same with web app view.

Could anyone please help with this problem?

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It sounds like it might be doing something @cynditong1107lf1 but not what you want it to do…

This would suggest that the Live app is probably ok a d that there might be an issue with the project?

Can you try make a copy and live test the copy?

Also, are you using the screen starts of screen opens blocks in your app? If so, can you share a screenshot of what’s happening here? One thing to look out for here is duplicate events and the other is asynchronous functions.



If you open a project and the screen is blank/white, try hard-refreshing your browser by holding down the shift key and clicking on the reload arrow next to the website address.


thank you for your quick reply!
I found out the problem, and it was the navigation blocks. After I deleted it, it works ok again.
again, thanks for your tipps!


when i open my project the screen goese blank and i cant open my project this is a very important project

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pls can anyone answer me fast

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You can’t expect an immediate reply from people; they’ll answer if they know the answer. Please provide more information and screenshots of what you see when you try to open your project. Are you able to open other projects?

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I Know i can’t get an immediate reply but it was very important
and here is pic

i am able to open other projects