[SOLVED] I hava a problem with my live app. My copy of my project doesnt open on live app

this error appear every time when i try open the project

its started when i generated the second app of the original project. The first was ok, but when i try open the second app the same error appear and now all copies of my original project it happens. all copies doenst open in live app and i tryna generate other apps with the copies and they dont work too…

Hi thomthomtt, welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

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Our support team has reached out to you about this on a different channel but in case anyone else is also seeing this message, we are currently investigating the issue and will reach out once we know more, including how to fix this error.

Thank you!

Thank you so much, matt!!
if you need any information can contact me. i’ll so gratefull if i can help you

Hello @thomthomtt
The issue is caused by the empty Javascript “JavaScript_Web_Bridge1” block.
If the “JavaScript_Web_Bridge1” is not needed, you can also remove it.

omg! the problem was indeed it.
i forgot that i open this block. Probably i just exploring the functions.
thank you so much guys and sorry about it!!

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