Unexpected Error

A couple of my students are getting unexpected errors when they try to open the Thunkable live app. They created their accounts on windows devices and they have iPhones for testing. IS this is reason they are having issues?

I too had been facing this issue for almost a month now. I finally figured a work around.
Solution is to download the editable file or generate a share link of your app. Then logout of your thunkable X account and login again using a different gmail account. Now import the app file you generated from the previous gmail account to new one or just click on the editable link you generated. Once it will open the project, click on live test. Last thing to do is to uninstall the thunkable live app from your iPhone and reinstall it. Login to the newly installed app us by the new gmail you created and imported the thunkable project on.
Voila! You can now finally view the app again errorfree… you can do this to all other apps too, you want to try. Just import their editable project files to the new gmail account.
Let me know if this helps.

But my question is that these student never even created a file in the App? They were logging in for the first time. I will have them try your solution and get back!! Thanks for the response.