Problem with opening the Thunkable APP IOS

I can not open the app on iphone. Anyone else having this problem and is there a reason or solution???

Hey Martin,

Is this while live testing or installing?

Do you see any error message when opening your app or when the app crashes?


no the app just crashe after the google login. I tryed 2 iphones now
Same result.

Hi Domhnall
Here you have a link so you can see what happens when I start the app.
Hoping you can help with a solution soon.

I also have deleted the app and installed it again.
But still the same problem.

The video doesn’t load for some reason?

If you are logging in with Google, can I assume so that you’re live testing?

Yes but I can not open the app even if i am not testing from the browser.
It is completely impossible to open the app.

Dos someone have a answer and explanation on the folowing isues.

  1. why I now can open tha app again. I tryed to login with a nother google account and then there was NO problem with open the app. So now I have deleted about 10 to 15 old versions of my app and then I could open the app again.
  2. Now when I make a copy of the app it is saving it with an old date in dec. 2018. Does anyone have an explanation for that???