My blocks have disappeared!

I have lost all the blocks I had created for my new app. The app had 2 screens and ALL the blocks of the first screen have disappeared.

Can Thunkable recover my blocks? my app name is Tiger.

I am a pro developer and have been paying the monthly fee of $20 without using this until now.

I have been a MIT AI2 developer and never had an issue of this magnitude.

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All got deleted or the screen just appears WHITE?

Hi @dro,

Really sorry to hear that this has happened to your project.

Can you please PM me the affected project and we’ll do our best for you.


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Hi there,
Just a quick question.
Have you ever tried to refresh the Thunkable X or launch again your broswer to see whether got a bug or other?
If your block still disappear,is it show a white screen to cover whole site?

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When blocks disappeared I saw a white Screen1 - with no blocks.

I closed and relaunched Thunkable X - no blocks came back.

Today, I tried right mouse click on Screen 1. Only option shown was Undo. I clicked Undo and blocks from Screen10 (my second screen) popped in. Blocks from Screen 1 still not shown after that.

I think this is whats happening.

The block editor has a bug that lets you select Undo when no changes are done.

If you make 1 change and then do 2 undos the whole screen clears up. At this point you have to remember to do a Redo before doing anything else. If you exit the block editor without Redo then you lose everything.

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This is a pretty nasty bug! The same thing happened to me yesterday and I lost everything I had built out for the screen. At least I was able to find this post to see that I am just screwed and need to start over.

Thanks for figuring out this bug! We’ll take a look.


@dro, Was the disappearing blocks that you reported here due to the issue with “undo” that you mentioned later in this thread?


I think it is what got me, but I can’t be sure…