Blocks are gone and I get other blocks from other screen... :(

I was working on a screen, with some sounds, than the browser crashed and all my blocks are gone.
But after refresh I have got the blocks from other screen. As I try to Undo, I get the blocks from other screen…
There are weeks since I am working on this app and this is not the first time with errors in last days.
Are any update on platform? Or what it is about?

Thank you.

Hi @Ionut_Ilie - really sorry to hear about this. We’re continuously making updates and improvements to the platform, but in the case that you have described it sounds like your issue may have been caused by connectivity issues. My guess is that you had changes on a few different screens and then after your browser crash the blocks from, for example, Screen2, were restored to the blocks canvas of the first screen that was reloaded, presumably Screen1?

I think in this case the only solution is to manually repair this. Just to let you know, you can copy and paste blocks between screens using the standard keyboard shortcuts so hopefully this speeds things up for you! :+1:

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Thank you for your answer.
I done have it again. So it is ok.

But now I am unable to publish my apk, because I have no idea how to sign it with my certificate.
The app was on 3rd version (builded with other tools) and now as version is 4 with Thunkable X, it said that should be signed as previous version…

I wold like some help.

Hello, again.
A huge

thank you!

for @Mark and @domhnallohanlon for the amazing support!
My app it is live and full functional and I am very happy about it!
Thank you Thunkable!

You are very welcome, @io.nut.ilie!