Blank block screen

Did osme block coding with airtable. there are 3 screens when I navigate to block page of the screen with airtable coding it goes blank.Even if I go back to the main sreen and come back, it is still blank.

Hi @jeyseny,

I understand what you said. I had a try and it showed blank, too. However, if you clean the browser’s cache, it goes back normal. I recommend you can do that and see if there is any wrong on that!



Clearing the browser’s cache doesn’t work. I’ve been at this all day and have not been able to resolve it. The problem developed because I copy and pasted blocks from one screen to the other. The first screen now shows a blank block screen. The second screen didn’t get the copied blocks. Anyone figure out how to get around this issue?

so you copied them

but then they didn’t copy?

maybe this is a dumb question, but if you right click does it show that you have 0 blocks on the screen? i have had blocks on my screen without being able to see them before.

Right click where? On the blank screen? Right clicking only shows browser elements nothing about blocks.

Just did a quick test. Saved the broken screen/blocks as a saved screen. Crated a new project, added the saved damaged screen and get the same results. This looks to be a bug. Theres nothing in the new project that could possibly collide with the blocks. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I’ve spent way too long on this issue to make it worth going to a PRO account.

I’m sorry. i think i misunderstood. You’re saying that when you go to the blocks screen you get ONLY a white screen. not that your blocks are just missing.

I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Pro, too, is where benefits come in like faster tech support from the admins. Not perfect, but helpful!

I’ve cleared the cache. I even used another browser (Chrome) that I’d never used before. Still have the same problem.

Yes, that’s correct. Pure white. The only way to get back is to edit the URL and eliminate the “/blocks” to get back to the screen edit.

ahh :confused: that is a pain.

what components are you using? for me, this has happened when using the beta data viewer.

do you experience issues with other apps you are working on?

I won’t be going PRO anytime soon:

  1. costs too much, more than an Apple Developer membership!
  2. Too many bugs in the interface, this issue with blocks being one of them. Another one is that the blocks get rearranged every time I go into edit mode. I spend a lot of time reorienting the blocks before I can get to coding anything. Really annoying.

I really do like the interface and concept of blocks but until Thunkable gets past a beta level I can’t see seriously using it to develop apps.

the screen uses:

  1. accelerometer
  2. local storage
  3. local db
  4. share

as well as several buttons, labels, and rows

Actually I’ve only been using this app/site for about four days. It may be my lack of experience but I think I’ve already hit a wall coding with this site. I may need to move on if this can’t get resolved.

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This isn’t a great fix, but try removing the invisible components, one at a time until it works. if you make a share link I could try this also.

Helping the admins find the bugs is key to us having a perfectly oiled system that you DO want to pay into. The admins are constantly pushing updates and making this platform better; but, that means there may not be time to test component or block in a million different combinations.

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Hey @daveterryrlg can you please share or PM me a link to your project so we can take a closer look?


Okay, in an effort to find the bug, here’s what I did:

  1. I put the offending screen into a new project
  2. one-by-one starting with the invisible and then visible components deleted each component and then tried to switch to the Blocks editor until ALL COMPONENTS were removed.
  3. the bad screen still will not show the Blocks editor

I’m providing a test project, one with a normal screen created from scratch and the other that doesn’t show the Blocks editor:

Please keep in mind that the screen was working fine and in fact I’d built an iOS app and sent it to my device several times until … I selected a block and did a ctrl-c and ctrl-v in another screen. THAT is when the copied from screen’s Blocks editor became uneditable. So somehow this action caused damage, NOT at screen creation time.

(Since I’m new here I can’t post here anymore. Evidently there is some restriction to number of posts for newbies. I hope what I have posted can help the admins find the problem. I’ll be checking back here occasionally to see if they have.)

I can confirm it does the same to me. Seems that was maybe an error on creation of the screen?

I have the same issue too.
Have both of you fixed the issue?

Since I didn’t get any response (so assumed it was un-fixable or un-knowable) I ended up recoding my project. Fortunately I had a backup of several versions before so I print-screened the blocks from each screen and re-keyed into a new project.